Why mixer grinder with a food processor is a bad choice?

To cook a food with perfection, we need all ingredients with perfection for which we need all necessary kitchen appliances. These appliances make the work very simple and saves our time. It’s very difficult to perform all the task without the help of such appliances. People normally use a grinder for grinding, grating coconuts, grinding batter, making juices and etc. similarly people use Food Processor for slicing, shredding, dough for roti’s or chapattis, kneading, pizza and etc. Both these appliances do their job in the kitchen with perfection.

But today there are some appliances in the market which acts both as a grinder and food processor. People get attracted to such appliances without visualising the real impact. The advertisements of these appliances tempt the people to buy these products. As these appliances are available at a lower price, people prefer to buy these appliances with an aim to save money.

Do we really need such appliance which does all the job?

Of course NO.

Mixer grinders are specially designed to perform tough grinding tasks. Generally, a grinder comes with 500+ watts capacity, which grinds any hard food materials with its high-speed rotating motors.

Whereas the Food processor comes with 350-watts motor, which is specially designed to perform comparatively low-speed jobs. Example: dough making, slicing. Normally it is 10 times slower than a mixer grinder. In simple terms, mixer grinders cannot perform the job of food processors and food processors cannot handle the job of a mixer grinder. Therefore you can never use them interchangeably. Now, look at these examples so that you understand clearly.

  • What happens when you make slicing, blending, kneading, in a powerful 500+ watts motor? Do you really require such powerful motor for performing the above operation? Of course no.
  • Similarly what happens when you grind coconut in a powerless 350 watt motor? Can you get the grinded coconut with perfection? Of course no.

Word to the Wise: The only secret of a great recipe is to use right appliance for right operation. When you use interchangeably then you may end up in disappointment.

If you are a frequent user of ingredients made out of food processor and mixer grinder, then go for a separate mixer grinder and food processor. When there are separate appliances available, which perform their task with great perfection, why should we go for a multipurpose one? Never tend to buy a multipurpose appliance which is an utter waste of money, rather invest in separate appliance based on your need.

Now it’s time for you to think wisely. Not all integrated appliances meet the need of the user. The main purpose for which we use these kitchen appliances is to get perfection in cooking. If we choose to buy a multi-purpose appliance, think whether we could achieve a perfect recipe? Of course, you never achieve it. Hope now you are clear why not to go for a grinder with food processor appliance.