4 most effective and different ways to use a mixer grinder

In today’s world when our work keeps us so busy we need to multitask in order to keep up with the current pace. To help us keep going in our household chores there are some exceptional appliances like a mixer grinder generally known as a mixie in the common household which let’s us savour tasty dishes with the minimum effort. A mixer grinder is a miracle device which let’s the user mix and grind food so that our effort and time both are saved and we can utilize that time with our family.

With time, the types of mixer grinders are getting better and easier. Let us have a look on how  a mixer grinder is beneficial to us.

  • Helps us by offering various preparation

Starting from grinding spices to mixing batters, a mixer grinder is basically the best friend of anyone who cooks food. There are mixer grinders which help in grinding spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper which is also referred to as Garam Masala and is frequently used in Indian dishes to enhance the taste.

Apart from grinding spices, it can be used to make ice creams by whipping the liquid concoction. Making shakes of different flavours by adding various ingredients is a piece of cake now thanks to the mixer grinder.

We can also make castor sugar by grinding sugar granules which is extensively used in a lot of desserts. We can also make ginger garlic paste and keep it stores so that we can use it for our food preparation later on. We can also make different kebabs, patties, burgers and sausages by grinding the meat in these.

  • Very easy to maintain

The entire set up of a Mixer grinder might look complicated but it is actually very easy to maintain one. All the parts are easily detachable as a result of which the jars can be opened from the machine and washed separately. Also the blades inside the jars are detachable as well as a result of which we can clean them and take good care of them as they are the ones depending to whose conditions a movie can work for years.

  • Extremely easy to use

Even though a mixer grinder does all the complicated chore, it is very easy to use one. There are different blades which have different purposes assigned to them. So, we just attach a particular blade to a jar and complete our work. It is very easy and can be done by anyone as we just have to accumulate the ingredients, close the jar lid and switch in a button while the machine works.

  • Makes a wide variety of food

A mixer grinder can be used not only for solid food but also to whip up liquid batters. We can use it whip ice cream or milkshakes, or to grind nuts for filling and can even mince meat with them and perform a lot more.